yWriter6: Marking “Bad” Words Automagically

I’m pretty dedicated to Scrivener, but once in awhile I like to try out the other options and see what I can find. When I found this neat trick while working on yWriter6, I had no choice but to share.

One feature I didn’t like originally about yWriter6, but that grew on me over time, was the ability to mark the Characters, Locations, and Items in the Scene Editor:

Now I enjoy the Character and Location marks, but I’ve found I don’t really use the Items section. Me being me, I decided to repurpose this feature in a more helpful manner: to mark “bad words” (words that are too passive and normally indicate “telling” rather than “showing”). First, this menu helps us add some “bad words” pretty quickly:


Next, let’s add all the “bad words” to the list.


Next, be sure to have yWriter6 detect usages of these “bad words” automatically:

add items

Now the “bad words” will show up pink. Looks like this paragraph could use some editing.


Of course, all these markings might get distracting, especially since they are perfectly normal for dialog. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to disable the coloring with the same way we enabled it.

This trick works the same with Locations and Characters.

And that Scythe book review is coming up soon. I’m traveling this weekend but it might be up next weekend.


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